Rollercoaster: The book of the blog

In fact it’s called a “blook”. Clever eh?

You know how, as soon as the final episode of a TV series has finished, they instantly start advertising the box set and you wonder “why would I bother, I’ve just seen it?”, well it’s the same here!

Actually I was wondering how to keep a permanent record of my blog and came across which could do this for me. It might well be that the blog falls off the edge of the Internet at some point after all. A by-product of doing this was that an ebook was also produced and is available for sale on their site (in the “Blookshop” no less!). So if you would like a nicely formatted, tidied up, easier to read version then this is what you need. I’ve only corrected errors and inaccuracies but it is otherwise unchanged as I want this to remain a “warts and all” account of what I went through.

It could make an ideal gift for someone! A hard copy is available but expensive (the publishers want a lot for it) but the ebook is reasonable. Either way, I make a few Euro on each sale, all of which will ultimately find its way to the William Wates Memorial Trust.

The full title is “Rollercoaster: The highs and lows of the Tour de France” and charts both the physical and emotional journey that I have had.

Happy reading!



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