I’ve been an enthusiastic amateur rider since starting commuting to work by bike in 1995. For a number of years now, I have been pushing the boundaries and will only stop once my ambition exceeds my ability!

This blog captures my thoughts, experiences and favourite photos  since I first started riding multiple stages of the Tour de France route in 2016, though some of my exploits before then were not insignificant!

The blog has grown over the years, the most recent entries being from when I rode the entire route of the 2019 Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals with Le Loop, a fundraising arm of the William Wates Memorial Trust.

I have added to the blog over the years and scrolling back you will find largely contemporaneous thoughts covering the following:

  • Tour de France (2019)
  • La Vie en Vosges (2019 training camp, Vosges again!)
  • Briancon KOM competition (2018)
  • Picos (2018)
  • Tour de France (2017)
  • In Search of Mountain Legs (2017 training camp, Vosges)
  • Paris – Roubaix challenge (2017)
  • Tour de France (2016, first nine stages)